Company History

RIP Corp (Rapid Invoice Purchasing Corporation) emerged from a fundamental understanding of the unique challenges faced by small to medium-sized contractors. With an in-depth knowledge of the complexities on job sites, we anticipated potential problems and sought to develop proactive solutions. Since our inception, we have grown into a full-spectrum factoring company committed to assisting contractors in overcoming their financial and operational hurdles.

Our comprehensive range of services includes finance management, payroll services, administration support, field and project assistance, contract and resource management, and expansion opportunities. These services ensure that we provide contractors with the funding, business resources, and expertise to navigate their challenges and achieve long-term success.

Customer Service


Mission and Vision

At RIP Corp, our mission is to tackle the challenges unique to small and medium businesses by providing our clients with the necessary cash flow and administrative support. We aspire to enable our clients to provide better service to their customers in the community.

Our vision is to be the premier partner for contractors, helping them build their businesses the right way, and creating opportunities for those who want to own stock of a company that is making such a difference in the construction industry.

Our Team

Our team, based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, consists of highly qualified individuals with extensive experience across various sectors:

Company Core Values

Our company is guided by our core values: Integrity, ensuring that we act with honesty, and adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical values. Transparency, we believe in an open and clear communication process with all stakeholders. Results, our work is dedicated to achieving specific, positive outcomes benefiting our clients and stakeholders.

At RIP Corp, we remain committed to forging a path of success for small to medium contractors, ensuring they thrive in the face of industry challenges.